We offer multi-levelled workshops throughout the weekend. Please read the descriptions carefully before choosing the appropriate group for you. All groups will meet all teachers. Each level will get one workshop with each pro teacher. If you want more workshops you can attend our SNOW Extreme which gives you 5 more workshops!


The audition is for those who would like to go to classes of level 4 or 5 but do not have the required WSDC points to qualify. If you would like to audition to a higher level of classes you will have to go to the audition, check the schedule to see when and where, and dance your way to the desired level. You will get a few songs and you will rotate partners to get a chance to show your skills. The pro’s will decide who gets to move up to level 4 and 5.

Level 3 (Novice)

You have been dancing WCS regularly for 2-3 years and have participated at several international events. You are working on placing your figures in the music, and getting your own style in your dance. If you compete, you probably have Novice points already.

Level 4 (intermediate)

You are probably among the most experienced WCS dancers in your scene. This level is open for those in WSDC Intermediate (16 novice points or more), or subject to audition.

Level 5 (Advanced)

For WSDC Advanced and All-Star dancers, this level requires a minimum 30 intermediate points. You can also audition for this level if you do not have the required WSDC points.

Level 6 (All Star/Champion)

This level is restricted to dancers with All-Star and Champion level.